Exhibition Management

Providing full exhibition management services is one of our specialities. To this end we are able to manage the entire exhibition on your behalf. Be it an exhibition that forms part of a conference or a standalone Trade Fair.

We have the necessary skills, experience and drive to ensure a well-managed and successful exhibition. This includes the pre-planning phase, sales and marketing, booking management, invoicing, all related logistics, exhibitor liaising, and actual onsite management. 



In this phase we draft a floor plan, work out pricing, compile a budget reflecting projected income and expenditure, venue selection, branding and a Project Timeline document.


Sales & Marketing

Handle the entire sales and marketing of the exhibition space on your behalf. This includes drafting all the required sales and marketing material such as the 1st Announcement Exhibition Prospectus and the Second Announcement Exhibition Prospectus.


Booking & Invoicing

Manage all the requests for exhibition space from companies, allocate the stands and raise the deposit invoices and oversee all payments. Invoices and statements will also be raised for the final balances due by exhibitors and follow up on outstanding dues.


Exhibitor Liaison

Liaise with all exhibitors and take care of all queries and provide and manage all their extra requirements such as provision/hire of furniture, display cabinets, AV equipment etc. for their stands. We will also assist with the facilitation of Freight, Courier and Customs Clearance services they may need.



Take care of all logistic requirements leading up to and during the conference. This includes overseeing the Schell Scheme structure procurement and build-up, electrical requirements, carpeting, cleaning, security, equipment and staffing needs etc. Recommend suppliers, obtain quotes, liaise with, oversee and manage all other suppliers and services providers. We will also obtain the necessary health and safety clearance certificates etc.


Onsite Management

Onsite management includes the exhibitor briefing, registration and accreditation and overseeing the build-up of the exhibition. Here we ensure each stand is built to the exhibitor’s requirements and that each exhibitor is allocated to the correct stand number. Part of the build is taking care of access control, overseeing the loading yard marshals and porters and the allocation and erection of all banners and branding. Oversight and management during the exhibition to ensure a smooth exhibition as well as oversight of the breakdown process.

By taking care of all the exhibition related tasks we offer you piece of mind and a great, successful exhibition. We deliver highly efficient, reliable and hassle free service and will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a successful and well run exhibition.


ILIOS Conferences is a 100% BEE owned and managed company, experienced No other PCO can say the same.

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